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Horsen Communication has specializes in the design, production and sales of special communication equipment of international military quality.

Including: for firefighting, bone conduction digital anti-noise earphones for gas masks ,3M earmuffs special noise-cancelling headsets, etc.

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We are providing different services in this sector to wide area of world


We are proud to protect your organi- zation with our award-winning


Industrial Solutions

Horsen Communication has been involving in digital Bluetooth wireless headphones , Digital voice-activated PTT unit, walkie-talkie ear-hook headset, and other products.

Quality Talkie Walkie Skull Conduction Earphone Supplier

Founded a decade ago, Hongsheng Communication Technology Co., Limited has grown to become a leader in the design and production of every talkie walkie skull conduction earphone for military, retail, public safety, construction, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, education, and entertainment applications.
Our customers include one of the most demanding industrial users on the planet. Each of our Wired Talkie walkie earphone performs and adapt to the ever changing needs and advanced technology. We are and will remain committed to innovation. We have made mass investments in quality control, research and development, information technology, and marketing and sales support.
As a result, Hongsheng can offer exceptional quality 2 way radio earphone and 2 way radio earpiece at affordable prices. We effectively provide product service to our customers at a level far exceeding the standards of the industry. We stock high levels of inventory to make sure we can deliver your order out within the agreed time.
What We Offer
Our offerings include:
• talkie walkie skull conduction earphone
• wired talkie walkie earphone
• wireless talkie walkiewalkie talkie earphone
• 2 way radio earphone
• 2 way radio earpiece
• two way radio earphone
• wired two way radio earphone
Every Hongsheng product has been conceived by us, manufacturing and components methods specified by us, and the final product is tested as many times as possible by our Quality Control specialists. Each of our products like a two way radio earphone is then tested again before shipping to you. By rigorous testing, we ensure everything you get works right out of the box and gives optimum output in the field.
We are now partners with the world’s most profitable and largest dealers of a wired two way radio earphone. We are also onboard with international distributors and OEM companies and the toughest public security, safety, and military customers now consider us their accessory line of choice.

Best Manufacturer of 2 Way Radio Earpiece and Related Products

The friendly environment of our company makes sure maximum focus on distinct units of wired and wireless walkie talkie earphone to give our clients assistance, productivity, high-quality, and industrial expertise. The amalgamation of unconventional efforts, skills, and experience has caused our company to grow at an astonishing speed towards its corporate goals.
Our vision is to furnish our customers with administrations that are worth appreciation because of their top-notch and primary ability. As another endeavor organization, we expect to set up client unwavering ness and responsibility by securing specialists that have solid energy, experience, and dependability inside their work responsibilities.
We believe that needful resources can provide flawless support to our expertise with regards to offering quick and logical solutions to our clients. Hence, we distribute every expert a computer unit and telecom that is linked to a supervisory station. This ensures whenever a customer demands assistance it can be provided on time.
We focus on serving special national departments with our wired talkie walkie earphone such as special police, the army, armed police, public security, border defense, and fire protection. Hand in hand with the globe and win-win with you.

Quality and Renowned Two Way Earphone Manufacturer

Hongsheng Communication Technology Co., Limited is an innovative two way earphone and radio accessories developer for high-precision applications. Hongsheng specializes in tactical headsets for communication, multi-port hubs and push-to-talk (PTT) systems, microphones of speakers, cable assemblies for interfacing accessories to radios, kits for tactical surveillance, and wireless intercoms for virtually every radio platform.
For over a decade, our products have been recognized for excellence by law enforcement agencies, the military, agencies of public safety, and commercial and retail customers worldwide.
Hongsheng is a vertically integrated Talkie walkie earphone manufacturer with in-house injection stamping, molding, cable assembly, CNC machining, and cable over-molding capabilities. Our strong electrical, mechanical, and RF Design Engineering capability, top-class testing lab, and computer-controlled production line testing are unparalleled in the industry.
As a talkie walkie earphone supplier, our essential point is to furnish our clients with exceptionally customized earphones to suit their necessities and business situations. Hongsheng is additionally a worldwide business supplier for re-appropriating that takes into account broad rethinking measurements on a unified stage. Our accentuation upon quality is central, accordingly, we employ expert laborers to advance at a quicker speed.
The unique environment of our organization guarantees the greatest spotlight on verticals and particular units to give our customers appropriate help, profitability, top caliber, mechanical ability, and specific experts. The blend of quality two way earphone along with master endeavors, abilities, and experience has made our organization advance at a bewildering pace towards its objectives.
At the initial stages of our growth, we strived to maintain quality and time balance in producding our two way earphone variants. We provide individual attention to each of our customers, know their requirements, and provide work before the deadline. We ensure high-quality standards are maintained throughout. We offer our premium two way earphone and care to be the main reasons for ensuring brand commitment and customer satisfaction. We pay special attention to maintaining work ethics and provide our customers with market competitive prices.



Horsen Communication has been involving in digital Bluetooth wireless headphones , Digital voice-activated PTT unit, walkie-talkie ear-hook headset, and other products.:

Universal Earphone Series

We are providing different services in this sector to wide area of world

Speakers Microphone Series

We are proud to protect your organization with our award winning.

Head-Mounted Anti-Noise Headphones Series

We are providing different services in this sector to wide area of world

Head-Mounted Bone Conduction Earphone Series

We are proud to protect your organization with our award winning.

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