Five Aspects to Consider When Buying a Walkie Talkie Earphone

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July 28, 2021

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When you are in a market for CB radios or walkie-talkie air duct headphones, there are a few things to consider. Newbie enthusiasts incorrectly assume that every walkie-talkie is the same. They also presume as long as they offer around forty channels, they feel happy with their choice.

Since modern society focuses more on technology like smartphone and Internet; walkie talkie or a walkie talkie skull conduction earphone has continued its strong reign as a portable communication channel. It can be confusing when you start out; however, we will break down five things to consider when you buy a handheld walkie-talkie.


You must have a fixed budget in your mind before you go to a physical store, or click online. If you are a complete newbie to walkie-talkies or Citizen Band (CB) radios, you might need to consider something inexpensive. You should continue to do until you know for particular that you will enjoy this exciting and new hobby.

You might consider used walkie-talkies as one of the ways to find an affordable handheld set. All handheld CB radios will contain the same basic features. If you have experience in buying walkie-talkies, you’ll likely have a higher budget. Also, you will focus on known and renowned brands. Knowing the budget helps in making the right choice.

Weather Capabilities

Some walkie-talkies have a feature that allows them to connect to the national weather service (NOAA). This feature helps users in accessing real-time weather alerts and updates. It’s a perfect feature for individuals who travel a lot or heavily rely on weather for their jobs. This key feature is also fun to listen to every detail of weather patterns (unless you live in areas like Southern California where climate always remains the same).

Noise Blanker or Automatic Noise Limiter (NB/ANL)

If you have a walkie talkie in your car and use your 12-volt cigarette adapter, you probably have heard the noise coming from the engine come through your walkie-talkie’s speaker. The NB/ANL feature minimizes white noise that invades reception and enhances basic sound quality. This also allows you to listen to conversations better; especially the sound coming from a far distance.

Night watch or Backlight Display

This is typically not available in the lower-cost versions of a backlit, walkie-talkies, or night watch display. If you make a plan to use your handheld CB radio at night this feature is a must.

RF Gain

This feature allows the walkie-talkie to filter and control certain signals, separating out weaker ones or bringing them in stronger.

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